About Us


Vona Moledy is a family business, a private clothing company both in the field of design and production of high quality woman wear, founded by Maya at the 2010 at Athens,Greece. The story of fashion in this family starts a few generations before, when a great-grandmother was making clothes for her friends and family.


The philosophy of the brand is to create a new generation clothes, based on classic traditions of elegance and high fashion. Vona Moledy is based on minimalistic philosophy and limitless creativity to each item, delivering timeless masterpieces.

Our Team

Maya is a head and a heart of the brand. Items made by her are representing high quality, iconic style and impressive handcrafted details. At 2017 Karina become a part of the company, brining new fresh breath to next collections.

The mission of Vona Moledy is to enhance the beauty, inspire individuality and love in every woman.